Small Tool Hire



  • Hilti Drill / Breaker
  • Hilti Light Breaker
  • Hilti Medium Breaker
  • Bosch Heavy Breaker
  • Hydraulic Breaker Pack

Cutting & Drills

  • 12″ Cutt Off Saw
  • 14″ Cutt Off Saw
  • 14″ Floor Saw
  • 18″ Floor Saw
  • Circular Saw
  • Cordless Jigsaw
  • Plaster Mixer Drill
  • SDS Drill
  • Core Drill
  • Mag Drill
  • Cordless Drill
  • Tek Gun

Misc & Garden Equipment Hire

  • Electric Mixer
  • Petrol Mixer
  • Scaffolding Boards
  • Fence Panels
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Electric Hedge Trimmer
  • Petrol Hedge Trimmer
  • Air Blower
  • Small Lawn Mower

Ride on LawnMower


Brush Cutter

Small Rotavator


Easy To Hire
Wide Range of Services

JSB Diggers may specialise in hiring out mini diggers and dumpers, but those aren’t the only machines available for hire. If there are any small construction tools that you need to hire, then we likely have them available. Sometimes you might not have the right tools available, especially if you don’t do construction or landscaping very often.

The categories of our tools include breaking, cutting & drilling, and miscellaneous. The types of tools in the miscellaneous category include electric hedge trimmers, air blowers, brush cutters, strimmers, lawnmowers, rotavators, wheelbarrows, and other gardening equipment.   

Of course, the primary small tools that we hire out include the Hitti Medium Breaker, Bosch Heavy Breaker, Hydraulic Breaker Pack, Cutt Off Saw, Circular Saw, Core Drill, Tek Gun, Plaster Mixer Drill, and Cordless Jigsaw. These are all tools you can learn to use on your own. You don’t need a professional to show you how to use them. Just read the instructions to avoid an accident.

Breaker tools are typically used to break up rock, cement or concrete materials. Let’s say you’re renovating the exterior of your property and you want to remove certain hard surfaces and replace them with another type of surface. You would need to hire a breaker tool to accomplish this task. The strength of the tool depends on the depth of the surface.

The cutting and drilling tools have all kinds of uses to them. You can use them for carpentry, home renovations, and other types of construction projects. Most commercial businesses and contractors don’t usually need to hire these tools because they have them already. For this reason, homeowners are usually the ones to hire them from us because they don’t normally have these kinds of tools.

Whether you need to hire our tools for commercial or residential purposes, we can offer you a fair deal on the daily hire rate of our tools. Do you need a tool for 1 day or 5 days in Gravesend? No matter how long you need it, that is okay with us. Just let us know what your plans are, and we’ll give you a fair price quote.


Available in the following sizes 6″, 9″ & 12″


Ideal for landscaping in sizes up to 48″


Ideal when making multiple holes in sizes of 6″ & 12″


Ideal for breaking concrete and other surfaces.

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