Frequently Asked Questions

We do not need to see any license for you to hire a machine, providing the property owner is content that you are a competent person to operate a machine you will be able to hire and operate one of our machines.

Depending on the length of time you require the hire a deposit of £100 is required.

Machines are hired by minimum of a day rate, therefore should you require a few extra hours a new day rate will be incurred.

Of course you can hire a machine for half a day, the charge is however a full days hire.

We send the equipment out full of fuel, you can either fill it up with fuel before it is collected or we will fill it up and charge you for the amount of fuel used.
If you run low on fuel during your hire period, you can fill the machines using the fuel for the equipment. Should you have any doubts please give one of our friendly staff a call and they will be happy to advise.

Please ensure that the red safety lever on the left hand console arm is up to start the machine and down to operate the machine.
Failing that please ensure that you have not activated the emergency red stop switch by the key

Sometimes customers will call us to say that they have dug themselves into a hole, we will then usually go and refill the hole and extract the machine.
It is then up to the customer to redig the hole with the digger on the outside of the hole.

Unfortunately we have to charge for delivery, often the vehicle will be carrying just the equipment you have ordered and it is not possible to absorb the cost of delivery and collection whilst maintaining low hire rates.
We subsidise most of the transport, delivery and collection charges are not a fair reflection of the costs involved; what we charge for delivery and collection usually covers around about 50% of the fuel costs and contributes nothing towards the drivers wages.

Providing that you have made an effort to clean the machine then we are happy. If you have gotten the worst of the muck off the machine then that is all we ask. Otherwise you will be charged


If you have any type of query, Just get in touch today with our expert team!