ADDED: February 28, 2022
Listing Details
Machinery Mini Digger
Width 1m
Height 2.3m
Weight 1.8 Tonne
Hire Type JSB Operated, Self Operated
Delivery 24-7 Delivery
Model E17
Fuel type Diesel
Struck N/A
Centrifugal Force N/A
Oil Flow N/A
Year 2018
Length N/A
Max Safe Load N/A
Water N/A
Working Pressue N/A
Top Speed 4.3km/h
Max Reach 3.9m
Heaped N/A
Clearance N/A
Impact rate N/A
  • Two Speed Tracking
  • Tip Over Protective Structure
  • Rubber Track
  • Retractable Undercarriage
  • Retractable Blade
  • Hydraulic Joystick
  • Dual Direction Detent
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Cab Climate Control
  • Cab Enclosure
  • Conventional Tail Swing
Seller Note
The Bobcat® E17 compact excavator (mini excavator) delivers performance in confined spaces with the need for only minimal repositioning. The operator can hydraulically retract the undercarriage to a width of only 98 cm in order to travel through gates or between walls and houses, then expand it to 136 cm for a wider footprint and greater performance. The E17 has reduced tail swing for better versatility and manoeuvrability on compact job sites.