Mini Digger Hire in Bexley

Mini Digger Hire in Bexley

JSB Mini Diggers is a reputable company that provides excellent mini digger hire services in Bexley. They offer mini diggers that can be hired for a day, several days, or even weeks, depending on the customer’s specific requirements. The company has three different models of mini diggers available for hire, ranging from the smallest and lightest to the biggest and heaviest.

  • BOBCAT E10: smallest and lightest mini digger, weighs 1.2 tonnes, can dig 1.8m deep
  • BOBCAT E17: medium-sized mini digger, weighs 1.8 tonnes, can dig 2.2m deep
  • BOBCAT E27Z: largest and heaviest mini digger, weighs 2.7 tonnes, can dig 2.5m deep

All mini diggers come with a range of attachments and are regularly serviced and maintained for reliability.

Their machines have been vetted to the highest standards to ensure reliability, and they offer competitive prices for their services. With over 25 years of industry experience, JSB Mini Diggers has become a trusted name in the industry, providing customers with nothing but the most reliable and flexible services.

Customers in Bexley can choose from a host of units and work with a team of trained specialists who are dedicated to providing bespoke digger hire services. JSB Mini Diggers is undoubtedly the best company for mini digger hire in Bexley, and customers can be sure that they will receive nothing but the best service.


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