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There is a tool for every job. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the tools they need for every job. Sometimes you only need tools on a temporary basis, which makes purchasing your tools counterproductive. That is why it is better to hire your small tools in Meopham from a reputable tool supplier.


JSB Diggers might have a reputation for its dumpers and micro diggers. However, it is also a company that offers small tools for hire. These are tools that most construction workers require if they need to break concrete, mix plaster, cut wood, and do other heavy-duty tasks on the job.


You’ll notice that we supply the finest cutting tools and drilling tools in the industry. Some of the tools that we have available include:


-   Cordless jigsaw

-   Core drill

-   Plaster mixer drill

-   Cordless drill

-   Mag drill

-   Tek gun

-   Circular saw

-   SDS drill


These are not the only tools that we carry, though. JSB Diggers also carries much simpler tools for landscaping, gardening and basic home maintenance projects.  The tools are:


-   Fence panels

-   Small lawnmower

-   Riding lawnmower

-   Air blower

-   Strimmer

-   Petrol Mixer

-   Scaffolding boards

-   Electric mixer

-   Hedge trimmer


Whether you need tools for a residential home renovation project or commercial construction project, we’ve got all the tools you’ll need to do it right. You can hire our tools per day, or you can receive a special deal and hire our tools weekly too. We’ll offer a special discount on longer hires, so contact us to find out more information about that.


There are not too many businesses that have tools for hire in a small village like Meopham. JSB Diggers is the best game in town. Come check us out to learn more.


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