Designed with You in Mind


Anyone who is a handyman or construction worker knows the importance of having the right tools on standby. Construction projects and home renovations always require the use of tools to complete the work that is required.


Unfortunately, most people don’t possess all of the necessary tools they need to complete their projects. They’ll either purchase the tools when they need them or borrow the tools from a friend if they can. Both scenarios are a bad idea because you’re either going to waste money or borrow substandard tools that are not exactly what you need.


If your project is in Gravesend, then JSB Diggers has the solution. We can offer you tools for hire when you need them. Rather than purchasing these tools, you can pay a smaller price to use them on a daily basis. You probably don’t perform enough construction projects that would make you need to purchase these tools anyway. Hiring is more economical for your needs.


JSB Diggers offers a lot of different tools for hire, such as Bosch Heavy Breaker, Cut Off Saw, Tek Gun, Plaster Mixer Drill, Hitti Medium Breaker, Circular Saw and Cordless Jigsaw. As you can see, we have a wide selection of tools which are suitable for landscaping, cutting, and breaking things.


If you have no experience operating these tools, there are instructions included to help you better understand how to use them. Don’t just start your project with the tools right away. Practice with the tools and gain some experience with using them. Otherwise, you could make some very bad mistakes that’ll lead to trouble.


The tools can be hired for up to five days. Under special arrangements, we can hire out the tools to you for longer than five days at a custom price. All this and more will be discussed when you call our office to make the request.