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This walk behind pedestrian roller has been designed for high compaction performance, compact size and excellent maneu-verability makes it the ideal machine for road repair; patching and various other confined space applications.

  • Operating weight 500kg

  • Roller width  710mm


800 Bomag Roller

This 900mm tandem roller has been designed to provide a smooth and powerful performance. It features a heavy duty vibration system with a high centrifugal force, frequency and static liner load reduces the number of passes required and powerful, reliable water cooled engines.

  • Operating weight  1600Kg

  • Width  900mm

  • Length  2194mm

  • Height  1627mm


If you are working on a construction site, then you need a smooth ground to begin with. Before you start building a structure on the ground, it is incredibly important to clear any scattered soil or rocks that may be sitting on top of the surface. Most construction sites also have small pockets of air that can disrupt the construction process. To avoid any disruptions in your work timeline in the future, it is necessary to combat the problem initially and compress the ground before starting your construction work.

On a construction site, there is a handful of special equipment that needs to be brought in. Apart from building materials, one of the most important things you will need is a road roller. A road roller essentially serves the purpose of smoothing out the ground, compressing the soil on the surface, and ensuring that there are no pockets of air left underneath the surface.

These road rollers are constructed with heavy material that has enough force to compress the soil effectively. While road rollers in the past were used on agricultural sites and involved the use of horses, the introduction of technology has truly revolutionized the process. In the modern age, these road rollers are powered through powerful engines and can be driven around the construction site easily.

Before you can get a road roller for your construction site, you need to decide which type of road roller is most effective for your groundwork. Here are 2 popular types of road rollers available in the market:

1. Sheepsfoot Rollers

The sheepsfoot roller is most commonly used for road construction. In areas where you need to compact the soil quickly and effectively, the sheepsfoot roller comes in handy because it has multiple lugs on the roller. The weight of the drum is adjustable as you can either add or remove materials such as water and damp sand to reach your specific weight requirement.

If you are working on a construction site that has very fine soil, then using a sheepsfoot roller to smooth out the ground may be a good idea.

2. Static Rollers

When it comes to static rollers, there are two further subtypes to choose from: the single drum roller, and the double drum roller.

The double drum roller, as the name suggests, has two steel drums installed on the machine. The drums itself help the roller move, and the double drums allow for a quicker and more efficient job to be done. In places where you need to smooth out a flat surface, the double drum roller is the most efficient choice as they are less likely to slip on the surface.

The single drum roller works in a similar way, but has one steel drum at the front of the roller and two wheels that help the roller operate. This is an efficient choice for specialized projects where you have a small space to work with.

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Available in the following sizes 6", 9" & 12"

Grading Bucket.png


Ideal for landscaping in sizes up to 48"



Ideal when making multiple holes in sizes of 6" & 12"



Ideal for breaking concrete and other surfaces.


When you hire a mini digger from JSB mini diggers you will need to specify which of the following attachments you require on the machine. Whether you require a GP Bucket, Grading Bucket, Auger or a Breaker we can have this fitted before delivery or collection.