Designed with You in Mind


This walk behind pedestrian roller has been designed for high compaction performance, compact size and excellent maneu-verability makes it the ideal machine for road repair; patching and various other confined space applications.

  • Operating weight 500kg

  • Roller width  710mm


800 Bomag Roller

This 900mm tandem roller has been designed to provide a smooth and powerful performance. It features a heavy duty vibration system with a high centrifugal force, frequency and static liner load reduces the number of passes required and powerful, reliable water cooled engines.

  • Operating weight  1600Kg

  • Width  900mm

  • Length  2194mm

  • Height  1627mm


Finding the best place for hiring rollers in Bromley isn't as simple as it may seem. There are a lot of factors to take into account, such as reliability, affordability, whether the company has the type of roller available that you are looking for, how well do they maintain their equipment, and more. Well, the good news is that you don't have to worry about all of these things as we have done all of the work for you and found the best place for hiring rollers in Bromley. Introducing JSB Mini Diggers.


Why JSB Mini Diggers Is The Best In Bromley


JSB mini diggers have thrived within the industry of plant and equipment hire for over thirty years and is a family run business. In fact, they are also known to have experience of over twenty-five years in the building and construction industry. This experience has provided them with the perfect insight that allows them to offer their clientele the best machines. All of the machines available for hire at JSB Mini Diggers have been insured fully, approved by the CPA, industry-standard certified, and incredibly cost-effective for you to take on for hire.


Driver Hire


JSB Mini Diggers goes a step further than all of the other companies that provide rollers for hire and also provides its customers with the option to hire an operator driver who is skilled as well as experienced. This allows you to avoid the hassle of having to go out of your way to find an operator, which will allow you to finish off your project before the deadline.


Incredible Customer Service


JSB Mini Diggers customer service is the best there is as they always take a five-star approach to ensure that each and every one of their customers receive value for their money and is satisfied in every way. JSB mini diggers' services and equipment are available for hire all throughout the week. In fact, they are also known to always keep it professional no matter what the scale of the project may be and, more importantly, tailor their packages to best suit your budget.


Continuous Improvement


JSB Mini Diggers, despite being the best, never ceases to reinvest their profits into their business. This means that they are always adding in new machinery and conduct regular maintenance to ensure that their rollers for hire are always in the best condition for you. This also means that if the roller that you are looking for isn't listed, simply give them a call and they'll have one available for you and update their plant list.


Can Handle Any Sector


JSB Mini Diggers has a plethora of clients who come to hire plant machineries, such as rollers that come from all types of sectors, which includes the domestic sector, the commercial sector, and even the industrial sector. In fact, their list of clients includes small builders, landscape gardeners, driveway contractors, and more.


There is no doubt that when it comes to roller hiring in Bromley, JSB Mini Diggers is the one company that you just cannot go wrong with.

GP Bucket.png


Available in the following sizes 6", 9" & 12"

Grading Bucket.png


Ideal for landscaping in sizes up to 48"



Ideal when making multiple holes in sizes of 6" & 12"



Ideal for breaking concrete and other surfaces.


When you hire a mini digger from JSB mini diggers you will need to specify which of the following attachments you require on the machine. Whether you require a GP Bucket, Grading Bucket, Auger or a Breaker we can have this fitted before delivery or collection.