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This walk behind pedestrian roller has been designed for high compaction performance, compact size and excellent maneu-verability makes it the ideal machine for road repair; patching and various other confined space applications.

  • Operating weight 500kg

  • Roller width  710mm


800 Bomag Roller

This 900mm tandem roller has been designed to provide a smooth and powerful performance. It features a heavy duty vibration system with a high centrifugal force, frequency and static liner load reduces the number of passes required and powerful, reliable water cooled engines.

  • Operating weight  1600Kg

  • Width  900mm

  • Length  2194mm

  • Height  1627mm


If you have a construction company, you must already know what a road roller is. In case you don’t, then you are recommended to hire a road roller ASAP and make your construction project much more efficient in terms of cost and time.

A road roller is a heavy-duty machinery that is designed to flatten out the surface of any construction site. Since there are hidden pockets of air underground and many little pieces of stone or soil scattered across the surface on any unattended land, starting a construction project sounds like a hassle to any contractor. Before you can begin building a structure, you will have to get all of these extra materials removed and ensure that you have a flat surface.

Instead of taking a chance and working on an uneven surface, it is recommended to hire a road roller for all of your construction requirements. Whether you have a road to reconstruct or a house to build, using a road roller would mean that you flatten out the surface effectively by removing all tiny pockets of air and compressing the soil properly.

While you may recognize that you need a road roller for your project, the range of diversity in the market might make it difficult for you to determine which one to choose. Here are two things you can consider before hiring a road roller for your project:

1. Type of Construction Site

Each construction site has a different requirement. While some contractors have tight deadlines and wish to have their construction started as quickly as possible, others want to take their time in building the right structure. Depending upon your own construction site, there are different road rollers that you can use.

One type of heavy-duty road roller is the double drum roller which has two heavy drums attached to the front and back of the machine. These drums double as the wheels of the machine as when the drums move, the roller moves. This type of road roller is best used for construction projects where you need to flatten out soil or asphalt.

If you want a simpler road roller, then the single drum roller is effective for most construction sites. This type of roller has wheels at the back of the machine, and a single drum at the front. The weight of the drum can be adjusted depending upon your own requirements.

2. Budget

Some road rollers tend to be more expensive to hire than others. As you move to more complex types of machinery, the cost tends to increase as well. When you are trying to decide which road roller is the best for your construction project, remember to consider your own budget and the amount you can allocate to hiring additional construction machinery.

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If you are looking for a roller hire company that will consider both your requirements and your budget for the project, then JSB Diggers are the best choice for you. With customer satisfaction being their top priority, the team at JSB Diggers ensures that each client has roller hire packages that are tailored to their own requirements.

GP Bucket.png


Available in the following sizes 6", 9" & 12"

Grading Bucket.png


Ideal for landscaping in sizes up to 48"



Ideal when making multiple holes in sizes of 6" & 12"



Ideal for breaking concrete and other surfaces.


When you hire a mini digger from JSB mini diggers you will need to specify which of the following attachments you require on the machine. Whether you require a GP Bucket, Grading Bucket, Auger or a Breaker we can have this fitted before delivery or collection.