Are you looking for a plant repair service in Maidstone? If so, you should seek no further than JSB Mini Diggers. We specialise in repairing all types of plant equipment.

We are fully committed to giving our clients peace of mind. It is one of the reasons why you won’t find a better service than ours. Here is everything you need to know about plant repairs and our services.

What Is A Plant Repair?

For many industries, their plants are the reason why they make so much profit. After all, a working plant means your projects will continue without delay. However, it is essential to have a good understanding of the equipment.

A plant repair refers to fixing issues with the whole plant or parts of it. Since an industrial plant is different from an agricultural one, both require different types of repairing services. At JSB Mini Diggers, we provide repair services for both plants.

What To Expect From JSB Mini Diggers?

We aim to help you save money by catching problems early and fixing them on time. Below are the services we offer.

1.  Plant Specialists

We take pride in understanding our customers well. However, that's not the only thing we know well. Our mechanics also specialise in repairing any equipment.

They can do that because of their excellent knowledge. We ensure our staff is up to date with new machinery. Besides that, we also train them thoroughly before letting them work on your plant.

So, rest assured you will be leaving your equipment in safe hands by hiring JSB Mini Diggers.

2.  Thorough Inspection

JSB Mini Diggers ensures to be available at all times. That is why we have our specialists on standby. So as soon as we get a call, they leave for your location.

Once there, our experts are capable of diagnosing the problem in no time. They will inspect your machinery completely to solve the issue. It also helps them to find other problems that the equipment may be facing.

So, by hiring us, you will get a solution for the current problem and any underlying issues. This can help you in the long run and save you from the trouble of project delays.

3.  Regular Checkups


One of the best ways to keep your plant up and running is by maintaining the equipment. That is why you should hire professionals like JSB Mini Diggers. We have plans set out for maintenance and repair services.

You can opt for a one-time service or sign up for our pre-planned package. Every time our experts come for servicing, they also check for issues. If we find a problem, we will take your approval and start working on it.

Apart from that, we can provide you with our plant equipment to ensure your work continues while we repair your machines.

Contact Us Today

These are a few of the things to expect from us. At JSB Mini Diggers, we can help your plants make a quick turnaround. If you are interested in our service, phone us now.

Our representative will be happy to assist you in making an informed decision.


Organising regular maintenance for your construction equipment ensures a reduced risk of downtime for your business. It also contributes to your equipment running smoothly on a regular basis

Specialist Mechanic

We pride ourselves on fully understanding your needs as well as your machines, so that we are ready to resolve, repair, and restart equipment when and wherever needed. Our qualified staff are fully equipped to carry out seamless repairs for all types of plant machinery

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Maintenance on a Regular Basis

Our dedicated team have the skills to cover all routine maintenance to suit your company’s needs. Our engineers utilise state-of-the-art tools to carry out emergency repairs on all major manufacturers’ machines, as well as handling routine maintenance anywhere in Kent & surrounding areas. We provide efficient onsite servicing as a one-off service or part of a pre-planned package to cover all requirements for your whole fleet and prevent any unexpected breakdowns.


Full Machine Inspection

From fuel problems and non-starters all the way through to undercarriage overhauls, engine rebuilds, and complete machine refurbishments, we are able to efficiently diagnose the fault for you and obtain quality parts. We will then carry out comprehensive repairs as efficiently and as swiftly as possible to ensure that there is minimal downtime for your business.

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Quick Turnaround

When your machinery breaks down, our team react straight away as we understand how costly downtime can be for your business. We pride ourselves on being able to react to your specific requirements as efficiently as possible.