We provide plant and agricultural repairs on new and used machinery. We also provide servicing and maintenance work for all plant and agricultural machinery. We have many years experience within the plant and agricultural industry, so we can provide a professional service. Our engineers are well trained in repairing any type of plant or agricultural machinery. Our most common services include;

  • Tractor Repairs

  • Tracked Tractor Repairs

  • Hydraulic Ram Repairs

  • Hydraulic Hose Repairs

  • Cultivator Repair

  • JCB Repairs

  • Dumper Trucks Repair

  • Excavator Repairs

  • Mini Digger Repair

  • Grassland Equipment Repair

At JSB Mini Diggers we pride ourselves for our work in, the core part of the machinery Division by providing full complement of service, repairs and parts. We offer a professional agricultural machinery repair service.

For Plant & Agricultural repairs or diagnostics, servicing & maintenance work please call the specialists on 07740152351 or contact us via the website for a fast and free quotation on your specific plant or agricultural machinery.

Plant and machinery require more upkeep and regular maintenance than most people think. With competition rapidly increasing in the industry, a smooth and reliably functioning system calls for durable and improved machinery and appliances so if you're in the market for a couple of repairs, maintenance, or service work then JSB Mini Diggers is your go-to company, we are a well trusted and capable company ready at your disposal.

Types of Maintenance

There are basically two types of maintenance that you should know about, corrective and preventative.

Corrective maintenance, just as the name suggests, is maintenance that is required when any set of machinery fails or stops working, the cause could be anything like a failure in its components but whatever it is, it has ultimately led to the machinery to stop working completely and so is unscheduled maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is repairing or servicing elements of a machine before they completely fail. This periodic maintenance is crucial to avoid costly repairs or replacements of parts and should be carried out after a certain number of operating hours. It includes work such as lubrication, alignment and examination of the different components that make up a machine.

Precautionary Measures

There are a few easy measures any business owner can take to prevent any of their equipment from breaking down and save money in the future.

It is vital to take care of critical components such as the spark plug. Take care while changing your old spark plugs by using an air gun to get rid of any grime present around the outer area so it doesn't penetrate the cylinder bore and cause problems.


Keeping batteries from dying during the wintertime is a pain so the best idea is to take them out of the tractor and charge them in storage.

Few other tips include checking your machines' fluids, lubricating, cleaning them out, and running winter fuel to keep the important bits of your machines in tiptop shape.

Our Services

JSB Mini Diggers offers a wide array of effective plant machinery services which include

·       Tractor Repairs

·       Grassland Equipment Repair

·       Hydraulic Ram Repairs

·       Tracked Tractor Repairs

·       Cultivator Repair

·       Mini Digger Repair

·       Hydraulic Hose Repairs

·       Dumper Trucks Repair

·       JCB Repairs

·       Excavator Repairs

We have all the skills, in-depth knowledge, and equipment required to do any routine maintenance or service work on your machinery.

Why Choose Us?

Here at JSB Mini Diggers, we have professional teams of expert individuals that can fully and clearly comprehend all of the requirements of your business and machinery.

Client satisfaction is our most important goal which is why we also offer onsite servicing and emergency repairs in Dartford and all other surrounding areas of Kent so that your business can get back on track as soon as possible.

Whether it's a problem with your engine or any other component, JSB Mini Diggers is equipped to carry out any job with ease so if your machinery in Dartford requires any maintenance then call us for quality and durable work.



Organising regular maintenance for your construction equipment ensures a reduced risk of downtime for your business. It also contributes to your equipment running smoothly on a regular basis

Specialist Mechanic

We pride ourselves on fully understanding your needs as well as your machines, so that we are ready to resolve, repair, and restart equipment when and wherever needed. Our qualified staff are fully equipped to carry out seamless repairs for all types of plant machinery

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Maintenance on a Regular Basis

Our dedicated team have the skills to cover all routine maintenance to suit your company’s needs. Our engineers utilise state-of-the-art tools to carry out emergency repairs on all major manufacturers’ machines, as well as handling routine maintenance anywhere in Kent & surrounding areas. We provide efficient onsite servicing as a one-off service or part of a pre-planned package to cover all requirements for your whole fleet and prevent any unexpected breakdowns.


Full Machine Inspection

From fuel problems and non-starters all the way through to undercarriage overhauls, engine rebuilds, and complete machine refurbishments, we are able to efficiently diagnose the fault for you and obtain quality parts. We will then carry out comprehensive repairs as efficiently and as swiftly as possible to ensure that there is minimal downtime for your business.

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Quick Turnaround

When your machinery breaks down, our team react straight away as we understand how costly downtime can be for your business. We pride ourselves on being able to react to your specific requirements as efficiently as possible.