The right type of equipment for agricultural and industrial plants is essential for all projects. It increases work efficiency and can help you save time during work. However, you also need to ensure that the tools work correctly and are not outdated.

Sometimes, unforeseen incidents can disrupt and slow down your work. That is why it is essential to know good plant repair services in your area. If you live in Bexleyheath, then there is only one service that you should be hiring.

We at JSB Diggers specialise in that industry and can make your life easier. Not only do we provide repair services, but you can also use us for plant hire and maintenance. Here are the top reasons for you to choose us for plant repairing in Bexleyheath.


We have been working in the industry for 30 years and have a vast knowledge of the equipment. We know all about the parts of the machine as well as how to operate it. Our experts are trained and skilled to do efficient plant repairs.

We believe in giving you a stress-free and holistic experience. So whatever you require, we will ensure you have it.


Transparency is one of our essential qualities. We provide you with the actual rates while being market competitive. So, hiring us won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Besides that, you can make additional savings as well. That is because plant repairs are very beneficial in the long run. After all, having a competent team taking care of your equipment ensures your operations run smoothly.

Regular checkups can prevent severe damage to equipment. We can catch the issues early and repair them before any permanent harm. This can help you to make profits instead of spending on getting new machines.


JSB Mini Diggers are a customer-oriented plant repair company. We are dedicated to the well-being of your equipment so that you can be at ease. Not only that but our customer service team is always there to help.

Whatever query you have, just phone or email us right away. Our representatives are efficient, so you will get a reply immediately. They will help sort out everything and guide you in the best way possible.


Unlike other services in Bexleyheath, we believe in being available for the residents at all times. One way we accomplish this is by being open seven days a week. If your equipment is beyond repair, we can even deliver you our rental equipment.

The main aim of JSB Mini Diggers is to ensure your projects are not delayed. Besides that, we also provide next day hires for whatever service possible. So, you can trust us for responding and acting quickly.

Bottom Line

These are the top four reasons why people prefer to choose JSB Mini Diggers. We have been running our company in Bexleyheath for a long time so you can rely on us. All our prior clients have had a blast with us and regularly hire us for maintenance.

If you want your projects to run smoothly, you should choose us for plant repairs. For more information on our services, phone us now or visit our site.


Organising regular maintenance for your construction equipment ensures a reduced risk of downtime for your business. It also contributes to your equipment running smoothly on a regular basis

Specialist Mechanic

We pride ourselves on fully understanding your needs as well as your machines, so that we are ready to resolve, repair, and restart equipment when and wherever needed. Our qualified staff are fully equipped to carry out seamless repairs for all types of plant machinery

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Maintenance on a Regular Basis

Our dedicated team have the skills to cover all routine maintenance to suit your company’s needs. Our engineers utilise state-of-the-art tools to carry out emergency repairs on all major manufacturers’ machines, as well as handling routine maintenance anywhere in Kent & surrounding areas. We provide efficient onsite servicing as a one-off service or part of a pre-planned package to cover all requirements for your whole fleet and prevent any unexpected breakdowns.


Full Machine Inspection

From fuel problems and non-starters all the way through to undercarriage overhauls, engine rebuilds, and complete machine refurbishments, we are able to efficiently diagnose the fault for you and obtain quality parts. We will then carry out comprehensive repairs as efficiently and as swiftly as possible to ensure that there is minimal downtime for your business.

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Quick Turnaround

When your machinery breaks down, our team react straight away as we understand how costly downtime can be for your business. We pride ourselves on being able to react to your specific requirements as efficiently as possible.