Do you need gravel boards for your fence in Orpington? If you don’t have gravel boards for your fencing right now, you need to get some immediately. Gravel boards are designed to extend the lifespan of a fence, especially a wooden fence susceptible to mold and rot. Since Orpington experiences a lot of moisture and rain throughout the year, it won’t take long for a wooden fence to get damaged without protection.


JSB Mini Diggers offers some of the most affordable and durable gravel boards to homeowners and business owners in Orpington. We offer a wide selection of concrete gravel boards that can provide a significant amount of protection for your fence against common environmental hazards. These hazards include wind, debris, insects, moisture, and rain.


The installation process is relatively straightforward because you don’t have to deal with nails, fixings, or brackets. Gravel boards have enough strength and weight to secure your panels and isolate them from the ground. That way, your fence has virtually no chance of getting damaged by water accumulation on the ground.


JSB Mini Diggers have different gravel board sizes available. Whether you need a 150 or 300-millimeter gravel board, we can accommodate your wishes quickly and professionally. We can deliver our gravel board products to most addresses in Orpington and throughout South London. Customer satisfaction is always our main objective.


Would you like to inquire further about our gravel board products in Orpington? If so, you can contact our team at 0147487932. We’ll be happy to go over our product catalog with you in greater detail.