Gravel boards can increase the durability and longevity of outdoor fence panels. Most gravel boards are made from either composite board, wood, or concrete. They sit on the ground and protect the fence from environmental threats, such as insects, wet soil, wind, and debris. If you want your fence to have a long lifespan, then gravel boards are the best solution.


JSB Mini Diggers is best known for being a plant hire company, but we are also a gravel board service company. We have a wide selection of gravel board products that we can design and deliver to any property owner in Maidstone and most other locations in South London.


Our primary gravel board products are made from concrete because they offer the most durability and convenience. You don’t need to worry about nails, fixings, and brackets with our concrete gravel boards. Their weight and durability are adequate to secure your fence panels properly.


Maidstone experiences a lot of rain and moisture throughout the year. If you don’t want your fence panels to rot from the moisture accumulation, then you’ll have no choice but to use gravel boards. Otherwise, you will end up spending more money to replace your damaged fence panels. It is much cheaper to invest in gravel boards than in fence panel replacements.


JSB Mini Diggers has years of experience selling high-quality gravel boards to Maidstone business owners and homeowners. Customer service is always our top priority. That is how we’ve stayed in business for so many years.


If you’d like to discuss your fence situation, contact our team at 01474879325. We’ll provide more information about our gravel boards and how they can benefit you.