Designed with You in Mind

Dumpers are designed to transport massive amounts of debris and waste materials from Point A to Point B on a construction site. After you use digging machines to dig out the soil and materials from the ground, you can place them into the dumper. From there, the dumper can transport the debris to a dumpsite or another location that needs more soil.


JSB Diggers has several digger models available for hire in West Kingsdown. You can choose from the Micro Dumper, 2.0 Tonne Dumper or 1.0 Tonne Dumper. For instance, the Micro Dumper would be fine for smaller projects that require you to drive the dumper through doorways and alleyways. At a width of 72 centimetres, this dumper can carry 1,000 pounds of debris.


Do you require a larger dumper? The 1.0 Tonne Dumper is larger than the Micro Dumper. It can move waste around and dump it into the backs of vehicles. It cannot fit through doorways, but it can fit through large gates. A lot of construction sites use large gates, so that would make the 1.0 Tonne Dumper perfect for it. There is even a foldable roll-over frame so that you can drive the machine into lower ceiling areas.


On the other hand, if you need the most prominent and strongest dumper we have, then choose the 2.0 Tonne Dumper. It features a 4x4 drive system and heavy-duty tyres for driving off-road on rough terrain. These dumpers will allow you to transport materials, gradually dump concrete into trenches, and work in the most robust construction sites. Anyone with a bigger construction project should choose the 2.0 Tonne Dumper.


Are you ready to get started? JSB Diggers offers competitive prices on all its dumpers for hire in West Kingsdown. Dumper operators are available at an additional cost too.