Designed with You in Mind

Do you have a construction project taking place in the village of Meopham? Does it require you to transport and dump a lot of different materials and debris? If so, then you need to hire a dumper vehicle to do the job properly.


JSB Diggers specialises in offering the finest dumper vehicles for hire in Meopham. A mini digger can hold a small amount of debris, but it is really a machine that is made for digging only. If you need to carry around half a ton of waste, for example, then you need a bigger machine that is equipped with the power to handle such weight.


At JSB Diggers, you can choose between three different dumpers. Each one has a different level of strength. The Micro Dumper is the smallest dumper for hire, but it can still haul around up to 1,000 pounds of debris quite easily. Not only that, but you can fit the Micro Dumper through narrow spaces, such as doorways. It gives you the luxury of being both a narrow and strong machine.


Of course, some construction projects require even more strength for hauling and dumping debris. That is why we offer the 1.0 Tonne Dumper and the 2.0 Tonne Dumper. These are 4-wheel drive machines which are designed to travel over rocky and rough terrain. More importantly, they can haul up to 2,000 pounds of waste if needed. If you need to dump concrete into a trench, then our dumpers are perfect for your project.


Do you lack the ability to operate a dumper in Meopham? That is okay because when you hire a dumper from our company, we can supply you with a CPCS certified dumper operator. This should give you peace of mind knowing that your operator is trained to handle a dumper properly and safely.


If you’d like to inquire further about our dumpers, then give us a call at 07774 728324.