Designed with You in Mind

Do you need to hire a dumper in Maidstone? If so, then check out the dumpers for hire that are offered by JSB Diggers.


If you’ve already hired a mini digger, then a dumper is a great companion to have with it on your project site. Dumpers are simple machines in terms of control and operation. Each one of our diggers has a completely automatic hydraulic drive, which means that all four wheels receive power rather than just two. This extra power allows you to navigate your dumper through tougher terrain areas.


Dumpers are primarily used to carry and transport various types of debris, such as soil and waste. Once you are ready to dump the materials out of the dumper, you can easily dispose of them with its High Lift feature. This ensures that the dumper is raised high enough so that all the debris and materials in the back can fall out of it without delay.


We have three types of dumpers for you to choose from. Each dumper is suitable for transporting and dumping a different amount of waste, spoil, and other materials. The three main types of dumpers are the Micro Dumper, 1.0 Tonne Dumper, and the 2.0 Tonne Dumper.


For instance, the Micro Dumper can carry about 1,000 pounds of waste at a time. It is narrow enough to fit through alleyways and doorways. The dumper can reach 1.45 meters in the air before it dumps the waste into a dropside vehicle or some other low area. If you need to move a small amount of waste quickly, then the Micro Dumper is the best option.


The 1.0 Tonne Dumper and 2.0 Tonne Dumper are bigger dumpers. If you need to dump large amounts of concrete or fill in trenches, then use one of these two dumpers. They are powerful 4x4 drive vehicles that can travel over rough terrain areas.