Designed with You in Mind

Construction sites often require you to move around a lot of waste elements, such as oil, dirt, and debris. You may have mini diggers to dig up these waste elements, but then have no place to put them. Dumpers can work together with mini diggers in order to transport these waste elements somewhere more appropriate.


JSB Diggers has three dumper models available in Longfield. Each dumper is different because of its strength and size. The model you choose to hire should depend on the complexity and size of your construction project. If you don’t need a big dumper, then you can go with the Micro Dumper option. It is designed to fit through tight spaces, such as alleyways and even doorways. You won’t find too many 72-centimetre wide dumpers in Longfield, that’s for sure. We’ve got you covered.


Of course, if you need a larger dumper to transport one thousand pounds or more of debris, then you can choose the 1.0 Tonne Dumper or the 2.0 Tonne Dumper. Their front buckets are much wider and can carry around larger quantities of debris. They are perfect for carrying and dumping concrete or other heavy elements. If you need help choosing the right dumper to hire, we can offer you our recommendation if needed.


You’ll love the fact that our bigger two dumpers have four-wheel drive. Since construction sites have irregular terrain, it is important that your machines can travel over them with ease. You won’t have any problem driving over irregular terrain with our 1.0 Tonne and 2.0 Tonne dumpers. They’re designed to move on these kinds of terrains effortlessly.


Do you need a CPCS qualified driver too? When you hire a dumper from JSB Diggers, we can offer you a qualified driver to go along with it. Dumpers can be dangerous machines if you don’t know how to handle them properly. It is always better to have a professional handle the machine just to be on the safe side.