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Do you need to dump a lot of waste materials or dirt on your construction site in Gravesend? If so, then a dumper is what you need.


JSB Diggers offers the finest selection of dumpers for hire at competitive prices. Our dumpers are perfect for transporting large amounts of waste materials to different locations on a construction site with ease. Your mini diggers and midi diggers might have some capacity to dump the materials they dig up, but this capacity doesn’t even match the capacity of the dumpers.


Dumpers are really not complicated machines on the surface. You have a house section with a very wide bucket in the front. That bucket can hold up to a few thousand pounds of waste materials. Certain models can hold more materials than others, so keep that in mind.


The dumpers that we have available are the Micro Dumper, 1.0 Tonne Dumper, and the 2.0 Tonne Dumper. If you need a simple dumper for a gardening project or some other small construction project, then the Micro Dumper model is fine. Its width is only 72cm, so it can fit through your average alleyway and doorway just fine. It can only hold 1,000 pounds of materials, though.


If you want the bigger dumper that can hold two tons, then choose the 2.0 Tonne Dumper. It can’t fit through doorways, but it is powerful enough to haul and dump concrete. Construction workers love to use the 2.0 Tonne Dumper to tip concrete into trenches and transport waste materials.


Although dumpers look simple on the outside, they are a bit complex to operate on the inside. Anyone who operates a dumper must be a CPCS qualified operator to ensure the safety of everyone on the construction site. If you don’t have this credential, then you can easily hire one of our operators to operate the machine for you.


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