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Do you need a dumper for your construction site in Dartford? If so, then you should think about hiring a dumper from JSB Diggers.


A dumper is a machine that is designed to transport materials like dirt and waste from one location to another. For instance, if you dig up dirt from the ground with a mini digger and you need to transport that dirt to different locations on a construction site, then a dumper can work just fine for that purpose.


JSB Diggers offers very simple dumpers. They are suitable to transport 1,000 pounds of material or a ton of material. It all depends on your specific needs and the amount of dirt that you need to move around.


If you choose the smallest dumper, then it is narrow enough to squeeze through doorways without any hassle. You might see a smaller 72-centimeter wide dumper be used in factories and industrial buildings, whereas the bigger 260-centimetre wide dumpers are used outside to place concrete into trenches and things like that.


JSB Digger can offer you a CPCS qualified driver to operate the dumper in case you have no experience with such machines. Even if you think you know how to operate a dumper, it is best to have a professional driver in case you’re not sure.


Dumpers can be dangerous machines if you don’t know how to operate them properly. You’re dealing with the transportation and release of heavy materials, so you want to make sure you handle these tasks safely. For just a little bit of extra cost, we can add a driver onto your total hire rate.


If you have any questions about the dumper hiring process or what types of jobs that they’re suitable for, then feel free to contact us by using the phone number on the bottom of the page.