Designed with You in Mind

When you operate excavation projects in Bexley, you end up with vast amounts of dirt and soil content. What are you supposed to do with this soil content after it is removed from the ground? You can’t very well keep it piled up all over the place because it will get in the way of your construction operation. That is why dumpers are used.


A dumper is a machine that can carry large amounts of dirt and transport it to different areas of your construction site. Perhaps you could make a designated dumping area for the excess soil so that it is out of the way of your excavation areas. Dumpers come in many different sizes. It all depends on how much soil you intend to dump in a given day.


JSB Diggers offers three dumpers for hire. You can choose from the micro dumper, 1.0-tonne dumper, and 2.0-tonne dumper. We recommend the micro dumper for light dumping tasks because it can carry about 1,000 pounds at a time, which should be more than enough for gardening and landscaping projects. The micro dumper itself is a lightweight machine, which allows it to travel very quickly.


The 1.0-tonne dumper and 2.0-tonne dumper are suitable for rougher construction sites with more uneven terrain. Each machine has four-wheel drive with oscillating axles and off-road tyres. It is the perfect combination for travelling over rocky areas that have uneven ground. They can also store a ton of waste and spoilage, which means you don’t need to take as many trips back and forth with the dumper.


A CPCS qualified driver is available upon request. We recommend you hire the driver if you have no experience operating a dumper. Then you can ensure the safety of the property and people on your site. Call or email us to find out more about our rates for this.