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Micro Tracked Dumpers such as the JCB TD5 Dumpster are an ideal partner machine for the Micro Diggers that we stock.

With a width of 72cm and able to turn on the spot they are maneuverable and very useful. Able to lift into a skip or drop side vehicle and carry half a ton a time they make light work of moving spoil.


  • Using in your back garden.

  • 72cm wide and can fit through doorways and alley ways.

  • Able to carry approxmitely half a ton.

  • Able to tip at a height of 1.45m so they can tip into a skip or a dropside vehicle.

  • Move spoil and waste quickly for disposal.



High Lift Dumpers are great for moving materials or waste, with a width of 114cm and a skip that lifts and discharges at a height of 1.85m they are able to discharge into skips and vehicles with ease.

They are able to carry roughly a ton and have a skip volume of 540 litres. Equipped with 4 wheel drive, off road tyres and oscillating rear and front axles they truly are proper 4x4 vehicles.

All of our High Lift Dumpers now come with green seat belt beacons.


  • Lifting waste into skips or vehicles.

  • Fitting through large gates.

  • Moving materials or waste.

  • Driving through low ceiling height areas with their foldable roll over frame.


With a true 4x4 drive system and massive ground clearance and heavy duty off road tyres these machines can, and do often go anywhere.


  • Transporting materials or waste around a site.

  • Tipping concrete into trenches.

  • Working on undulating and hard terrain due to the 4x4 drive system and oscillating front and rear axles.

  • Partnering with a Mini Digger or 3 Ton Mini Digger.

  • Being transported on a 3.5 Ton Plant Trailer.

  • Height: 1.77m with roll bar down and 260cm with roll bar up

  • Width:  149cm


Do you need to move dirt, waste, or other materials in Gravesend? The best way to move these elements safely and securely is by using a dumper. This doesn’t need to be a gigantic dumper that you see on major construction sites. Instead, it could be a micro dumper that can transport at least half a ton of material.


JSB Diggers has a great selection of dumpers for hire in Gravesend. Our dumpers are smaller than you might think and they’re super easy to operate with little experience. You can easily manoeuvre around a site and drop your load wherever you want. The smallest dumper is 72 centimetres wide, which means it can be driven through alleyways, doorways, and other narrow spaces. This is something you could never do with bigger dumpers.


If you need to take the digger off-road and go someplace with a lot of barren terrain, then you’ll want to hire our 2.0 Tonne Dumper. It is a 4x4 drive system machine that is designed to drive off-road, thanks to its thick treaded tyres. If you need to fill in trenches with concrete or dump large amounts of materials into other vehicles or sites, then this is the dumper to hire.


Although our dumpers might seem easy to operate, you still need to have basic knowledge of how to control one. If you have never operated a dumper machine before, then you should request a driver from us. We have CPCS qualified drivers readily available to operate the dumper on your project site.


We charge some of the most reasonable rates for hiring dumpers in Gravesend. In fact, you won’t find any other local company where dumpers are for hire in this fashion. You can rent our dumpers for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, or however many days you want. If you need the dumper for longer than a week, then we can negotiate a special rate for your extended use of our dumper. Call or email us to get started.

Areas We Cover

At JSB Mini Diggers we operate throughout the whole of Kent, see below for the full list of areas we service:-

Bexley, Bexleyheath, Borough Green, Bromley, Chatham, Crayford, Dartford, Erith, Gillingham, Gravesend, Hartley, Longfield, Maidstone, Meopham, New Ash Green, Orpington, Rochester, Sevenoaks, Sidcup, Strood, Swanley, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Wrotham, West Kingsdown