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This walk behind pedestrian roller has been designed for high compaction performance, compact size and excellent maneu-verability makes it the ideal machine for road repair; patching and various other confined space applications.

  • Operating weight 500kg

  • Roller width  710mm


800 Bomag Roller

This 900mm tandem roller has been designed to provide a smooth and powerful performance. It features a heavy duty vibration system with a high centrifugal force, frequency and static liner load reduces the number of passes required and powerful, reliable water cooled engines.

  • Operating weight  1600Kg

  • Width  900mm

  • Length  2194mm

  • Height  1627mm


If you’re running a construction project, you will find that you are going to need roller equipment. But what should you go for when it comes to this? Should you buy one or should you go for a hire? Well, each comes with its own benefits but there is a high chance that a roller hire is going to benefit you better. Here, you will get the details of why you should go for a roller hire, the different types of rollers available for you to hire, and how to choose the right one for your construction work.


Why Should You Go For A Roller Hire?


There are many reasons why you should be going for a roller hire. Two of the more prominent reasons why you should go for a hire is mainly related to the costs associated with this. Let’s have a more detailed look at these.

·  No Maintenance

One of the more important things to consider is that when you’re hiring a roller, you will not have to worry about maintaining the machine. You will only need to hire it and give it back to the contractors without worrying about the maintenance of the equipment. More than that, you should know that buying it will cost you a higher maintenance cost.

·  Lower Costs

Another thing that you should know is that you will not have to deal with too much cost when you’re hiring the roller. However, you will need to incur some costs when you are planning on buying the roller. The maintenance and storage costs can be quite expensive, so you might want to avoid this.


Types Of Rollers To Hire


You will find that there are different types of rollers available for you to make use of.

·  Cylinder Rollers

The best one for your home garden will be the cylinder roller. You will find that you can easily make use of this on your own and level the ground easily. More than that, it is quite lightweight and can be used on different types of grounds, including stone, iron, and concrete.

·  Grid Rollers

The other type of the grid roller if you have a construction project under works. You will find that this is larger than the cylinder roller and has to be run by professionals. You can also add attachments to this according to your requirements.

·  Pneumatic Rollers

If you’re searching for something that will help you polish your pavements, then you should know that pneumatic rollers prove to be the ideal choice for you. It also helps you smooth out the soil on the ground as well.


Choose JSB Diggers For Roller Hire


When you’re in search of a roller hire, you should know that you will need to ensure that you go for one with the best prices and offers up-to-date equipment. You will be able to find the latest and the most effective equipment at JSB Diggers. Connect to us to get to know more details about how to go about getting your roller hire in Sidcup.

GP Bucket.png


Available in the following sizes 6", 9" & 12"

Grading Bucket.png


Ideal for landscaping in sizes up to 48"



Ideal when making multiple holes in sizes of 6" & 12"



Ideal for breaking concrete and other surfaces.


When you hire a mini digger from JSB mini diggers you will need to specify which of the following attachments you require on the machine. Whether you require a GP Bucket, Grading Bucket, Auger or a Breaker we can have this fitted before delivery or collection.