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Do you need to dump soil or debris in Sevenoaks? A construction site usually produces a lot of excess soil and debris that needs to be transported or discarded. You can’t transport the waste with a digger machine because its bucket is too small. It is better to use a machine that is made for transporting and dumping waste, such as a dumper.


JSB Diggers has a series of high-grade dumpers available for hire in Sevenoaks. These dumpers are powerful and efficient in their duties. They can transport up to 1,000 pounds of waste in their buckets. That way, you don’t need to make multiple trips between the loading site and the dumping site. You can pack in the waste in one shot and transport it to the dumping site in one or two trips.


Our range of dumper models includes a Micro Dumper, 1.0 Tonne Dumper, and 2.0 Tonne Dumper. If you need a small and narrow dumper, then go with the Micro Dumper. It has a width of only 72 centimetres, which is narrow enough to fit through alleyways and doorways. You could use this dumper for smaller construction projects that don’t require a lot of dumping.


If you choose the 1.0 Tonne Dumper or 2.0 Tonne Dumper, you’ll get a much bigger dumper. These are the dumpers that can haul 1,000 pounds of weight around. They’re too big for doorways and alleyways, but they should be narrow enough to fit through a wide gate.


Also, these are four-wheel-drive vehicles that can drive on rough terrain. Since construction sites often have rubble and debris on the ground, then you might find these dumpers to be better for you to use. It all depends on the type of project you have going on.


JSB Diggers offers dumper operators too. You can find out how much extra they cost when you inquire about hiring one of our dumpers.